Lenders Independent

The Expertise

FCPL has established itself as one of the leading consultants offering multi disciplinary services : Feasibility Study and Techno Economic Viability Study (TEV) : In the present day cutting edge technology, innovation, intense market competition etc., it is imperative that the credit officers in the banks/financial institutions are provided with expert insight and feedback to be able to appraise credit proposals. Our expert professionals are geared to provide these services to enhance the quality of proposals.

Lenderís Independent Engineer (LIE) services : Once the funding of projects are approved, we provide the LIE services to assure end use of funds as also assure the banks/ financial institution that the technical side of the project is also commensurate with the project report. We are geared to do this job to perfection.

Chartered Engineers, Valuers for land, building, plant, machineries and other assets It is imperative that the value of assets (Primary and Collateral) are properly assessed to ensure compliance with various regulatory guidelines. We have experienced and approved valuers/engineers to ensure market related valuation.

Architects, Designers and Planners : We provide these services for business and industrial customers.